Take the time each day to show yourself compassion and self-love. Assess what you really believe about yourself? Are you your own mental enemy? If you are honest about your own level of self- compassion,chances are you don’t score well. Our society holds us to standards that are very difficult to achieve.  We form a habit of thinking we are not good enough, not smart enough, thin enough, brave enough. If we possess self confidence, it is sometimes seens as being arrogant . This only perpetuates self doubt. Accepting yourself will help you to learn your strengths and your weaknesses. Developing self confidence in the face of criticism is difficult but so rewarding. 

The second you stop waiting for something better to come along and make an extraordinary change, you BECOME extraordinary too. Take a clear look at your own plan for  life. A personal blueprint. Does your life match up to the plan. If not then why? What needs to change to make it GREAT? Are you struggling to fit all the pieces together? If you find it difficult to get your life and your blueprint to align, a life coach, mentor or confidant might help. Finding one of these is a job in itself. It is never a sign of weakness to ask for help though. Personally I would consider it a show of strength.   Look for one whose goals mesh well with yours. The journey is always easier if not traveled alone.


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